Hot Josie

First Impressions

Hot Josie really is hot; not that I was expecting anything different. Most of these solo girls give themselves accurate names and in this case her hotness comes with a little bit of darkness. She has a piercing right in the middle of her bottom lip and her long hair is black. She seems to like a little bit of dark eye makeup and that gives her a slightly dangerous edge that`s really attractive. She says that she`s the cute girl next door but I would argue that she`s the naughty girl next door that you wanted to fuck all your life. The tour shows pictures of her tits (censored) and it looks like there are pussy shots included inside.

Hot Promises

Hot Josie`s tour offers very little in the way of actual information. Instead they treat you to a fair number of free pictures and a little profile where you can learn that her ambition is to `have fun no matter what life brings her.` The important promises are the ones that are made implicitly. Looking at her content you can see that she has big perky tits and that she likes to flash them for the camera. You can see that she poses in lingerie and if you play the free video you can see that she really looks good when she gets on camera. The only real promises they make are high definition videos, zip files for your pictures and 1600px images.


The latest additions are waiting on the tour and so far Hot Josie has been updating twice a week with one video and one picture gallery making their way into the member`s area for the horny boys to enjoy. They also include a list of the top rated and most visited scenes and preview upcoming additions to get you excited about what you`ll see in the coming weeks. After just a quick look at the content on the main page it`s pretty clear that Josie is definitely not the girl next door. She`s way naughtier, like the scene where she teases her members about their small penises. That`s not the kind of thing everyone is going to enjoy and it`s not the kind of thing she does in the majority of her content but it`s kind of awesome that she did one scene with teasing.

In most cases a solo site is loaded with picture galleries and has just a few movies but with Hot Josie it`s the exact opposite. She has 26 videos and only 7 picture galleries as of August 11, 2009 but she is updating twice a week so both collections will continue to grow. Since there aren`t many galleries let`s get started with the pictures. It actually turns out that saying she has 7 galleries isn`t quite accurate. Three of them feature her posing in the exact same lingerie set and another two show her in the same bikini. So she really has four galleries. The pictures are nice but that`s hardly an impressive collection.

The set with her in the lingerie is pretty damn hot though. She`s wearing a sheer pink chemise that hugs her body and makes her breasts look even more beautiful than they already are. She strikes every pose in the book and when it`s time to get naked she can`t wait to take her clothes off. She clearly loves modeling her hot tits and her pussy, although in the picture sets she doesn`t get particularly lewd with the hot box. You can see the shaved hole but she`s not spreading her legs and shoving fingers inside or spreading the lips. It`s nice to see a little restraint and since the videos show her fingering and all that good stuff it`s not like you`re going to miss out.

The picture galleries have 70-125 shots on average and you can check them out at 1600px. There`s a button to scale the image down a little too just in case you want to see a smaller version. The zip files have the big pictures and they download quickly. You can rate each gallery and you`re free to leave a comment. Those are usually helpful to the guys that run the site because they want to know what the people that joined think of the content Hot Josie is producing.

I thought the picture galleries were largely average, mostly because there aren`t enough of them and Josie doesn`t do anything all that interesting aside from look hot. It`s the videos that are way more arousing and that`s where you`ll discover how truly far Josie is from the girl next door (and I mean that in a good way). The movies are high resolution and can be downloaded or streamed at 640x480. There`s a lower quality clip as well for the guys on dial up or low quality DSL. They promised high definition videos at 1280x720 and they didn`t even come close to delivering. They have a streaming Flash version that works really well and that looked terrific to me.

There are screenshots for every movie and even though there aren`t nearly enough of them you can use the shots to preview what goes down during the scene before grabbing it. Every video I watched was entertaining though so it`s hard to go wrong. She does a surprising variety of naughty things. There`s a hot video where she gives a blowjob to a soda bottle and the camera is pushed in tight on her face so you can really see how she would orally pleasure a man. The fact that she has a tongue ring makes it even more exciting because you know those feel amazing when running around the sensitive head of a dick.

I already mentioned the small dick humiliation video but that`s not the only one where she talks to the audience. There`s a hot scene where she gets on her hands and knees with her ass facing the camera and she urges you to blow your load on her butt. In another she urges you to cum inside her ass! There are a few POV lap dances where she crawls into some lucky guy`s lap and grinds her pussy and ass into his dick trying to make him cum. In a bizarrely awesome video she talks about how she wants to masturbate your cock and have it in her pussy. If you like dirty talk you`re going to love Hot Josie because she apparently lives for it. The girl can run a blue streak when she gets horny!

Because Hot Josie is largely devoid of pictures you might consider not joining. That would be a mistake because you would miss out on all her wonderful video content. You`d also miss out on the ten bonus sites that come free with your membership. Each site provides you with a new solo babe you can ogle as you see fit. They`re all pretty and they all have great bodies and they do something different. Some are super cute with small tits. Some are sexy with big tits and a desire to screw on their face at all times. It`s a great network.

Croco’s Opinion

Hot Josie is a unique babe. She`s young and has a solo site but she doesn`t really do what most girls in that position do. She has very few picture galleries up for her members and there`s a lot of repetition of outfits that makes them even less worthy of your time. It`s in the videos that you`ll find what makes the site worth joining. Josie is a dirty, chatty girl and she will absolutely blow your mind with the way she talks on camera. She gives masturbation instructions, urges you to cum on her ass or in her ass, tells you how badly she wants to get fucked and does it all while modeling her tight and sexy body. The POV lap dances are a particular favorite of mine. She also has beautiful feet that a few videos are built around. With the 10 bonus solo babe sites available I would almost rate this a must join. It`s damn close.


Finding your way through the site is easy and all the content is displayed smartly.

Pricing Policy

It`s $34.95/month or $59.95 for 90 days.

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